Here is the team of Community Authors so far but we’d love to hear from any girls from any country who’d like to join the team and write for SkaterGirl. Likewise if you have an interest in photography or filming, just drop us an email.

[this page is being redesigned soon as we assign national delegates and new author details]

Natasher Natasher is the Editor-in-Chief of Rubicon Girl, living in the UK in the vibrant city of Nottingham, which has some great skate spots and some equally amazing skaters. There’s nothing she loves more than shredding the gnar on her board, but she rides her bike every day too and has always had a soft spot for blades. If you feel like you’ve seen her before, it might be because Tash has been both a radio presenter and a model…fingers in many pies! By profession, she’s a Medical Affairs Manager and Copywriter but at all other times you can find her having fun on a board, bike or just travelling and hanging out with skater (and non-skater) pals. Her favourite city to skate in is Berlin but she’s looking forward to skating in Vancouver and Malmo in 2014.

LottaLotta is originally from Gothenburg, Sweden but moved to the UK 9 years ago to do her MA in Theatre. She goes to Switzerland every year to snowboard, loves sushi, zombies and aswell as being a senior editor at SkaterGirl, also works with the Rubicon team doing anything from designing posters to working with schools and councils in the UK.

Melanie is a 15 years old, future graphic designer. She’s Italian but she lives in Venezuela. Soon she will live in Alberta, Canada; where she will begin her university studies and start looking for a job to have a bit of fun and earn her own money. She has been skating for a year and Melanie also loves to read and write, music, urban movement, photography and everything related with art, drawing, graphic design, illustration and painting. She’s a super nice person and she has become the SkaterGirl International Tumblr Author.

ImkeImke is a graphic design student from Holland who will soon be starting her internship at the biggest skateboard distribution centre in the country “Hardcore Supplies”. She’s always looking for girls who skate and to get new girls excited about it and organises events to help.

JennaJenna is the producer of the widely-acclaimed “As If, And What?” womens skate film, the organiser of the Pioneer Girls Skate Jam, the manager of Rogue Skateboards and a previously published writer and photographer. Her first post on SkaterGirl came from Ecuador where she is currently photographing and filming as part of the Poseiden International Tour.

StefStef spends her winters in Avoriaz France snowboarding and her Summers in the UK skateboarding where she is on flow for Etnies. She is an events organiser for a charity in Oxford called “Get Involved” and organises skate jams in the area aswell as running a video project teaching how to use video editing software and HD cameras at skateparks.

DanniDanni has finished her degree in Printmaking & Illustration in the UK and in addition to being a nightclub photographer, also works at her local indoor skatepark. She went on the Rogue Mega Mission Tour and is currently getting in on the action at the MK Pink Sessions.

Anna SAnna S is 25 and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She mainly skates street or vert and does as well as working for Tacky (a swedish skateboard magazine), she is also the founder of No Limit (girls skate company). She loves to skate with music in her ears and one of her favorite groups is Millencolin. If that wasn’t enough, she also works in a pre-shool and actually skates with the kids. They love it :O)

GabrielaGabriela is a fashion design student from Quito-Ecuador,South America and owns her own brand Edgy64 Rockwear, focused on rocker-skater chicks. She promotes local bands as a hobby, and now skateboarding too. She loves music and feels she has to help the local scene stay alive. She is a licensed event producer since 2006, she has the city’s permission to put up any kind of event anywhere in the city. So don’t hesitate to contact her for any event you wanna get going in Ecuador. She dreams on a day where she can mix her concerts with all- girls skateboarders, in a single event. bands and skate ramps. After 7 years skating she was finally able to create as a founder of “Damas del Skate”, where she gives skateboarding classes to girls for free and promotes skateboarding. She thinks is very difficult to keep on skateboarding without girl skater friends, and she is determined to help all girl skaters stay skaters and enjoy it as much as she does.

KarolinaKarolina is 21 years old and from Poland. She’s been skating for 5 years and has lived the last 2 years in Ireland before moving back to Poland a couple of months ago to study photography. She loves to skate with her friends, take photos, party and travel.

MartaMarta is 18 years old and from Latvia (and that’s not in Russia, but in Baltic region) – a small but very beautiful country and somewhere you absolutely must go and see. In addition to skating and snowboarding, she spends her rainy days playing bassguitar or doing some cute things, like cutting snowflakes.

GiennaGienna lives in Berlin, where she works as a media designer for a music club, a co-publisher of a little street-art-skate-magazin and a freelancer for an association against discrimination, right wing extremism, xeno- and homophobia. She also is a board member of the Görls Skateteam association, that organizes the weekly monday görls skatesessions, skatecamps and competitions. On weekends she teaches children in skateboarding as a workshop coach of the Skatehalle-Berlin. In her spare time she likes exploring that big skate playground by board, called BERLIN.

Anna HAnna is 25 and from Sweden, half Swede half Hungarian, but mostly Swedish. She lives in the dirty south, in a town called Malmö, in a one bedroom apartment with her dustbunnies and a stray spider. She has been skating for a few years and helps out with Tösabidarna (the local girlskate team) and Triple A (skate company), mostly with graphic design. She also writes for the No Limit blog and aspires to be a graphic designer and a journalist and I also enjoy photography and sleeping. This is her, or her lonely hearts add… she’s not so sure anymore.

StephieStephie is a communication design student and lives in the south of Germany. She’s been skating for a few years with her twin-sister. She loves filming, taking pictures and skateboarding with her friends and her crew “Chickteam”. She also likes to travel, get to know new people and chilling.

AndreaAndrea was born and raised in Stockholm, but moved to Malmö in the south of Sweden a few years ago. She works full time in the local skatepark called Bryggeriet. She gets to work with developing the female skateboard scene and the local crew is called “Tösabidarna”. She is also one of the founders of No Limit and you’ll find more info about what they do on their blog.

Nicoline is from a city called Odense, but she is currently living in Copenhagen. She is 21 years old and has been skating on and off for the past 6 years. When she was attending high school for 3 years she didn’t have much time to skate, so when she finished high school in 2007 she took off to Barcelona and ended up living there a year. The girl skate scene in Denmark is very small compared to her neighbor country, Sweden. But the scene is getting better though she says. About a year ago she started giving skate lessons to girls in the local skate park, Copenhagen Skatepark and more and more girls attends the skate lessons now, which is really cool.
She is currently working as an intern in a skate shop called Streetmachine, so she is also attending school on and off, where she’s studying to become a ‘shopping assistant’, she believes it’s called. Besides all that she likes to travel as much as possible, film and take photos.

Ayumi is 28 and lives in Japan. She likes to draw picture with a ballpen and watch skate DVDs & YouTube. She’s an office worker on weekdays and a waitress at restaurant only on saturdays. Two jobs allows her to save money – because she wants to travel to the UK to study English and go sk8ing. She would also love to do a skate tour around Europe – because even though she’s always busy, she always makes time to skate. If you happen to see her at your town, please say ‘hallo’:) then let’s go skating and have a beer party!!! yeah!!

Lauren was born and raised in Vancover B.C but moved to Scotland in 2001 (when she was 11) and now lives in Aberdeen, where she studies Sports Science (currently in 3rd year). She has been skating for only a Year but has a job at Aberdeens skatepark Transition Extreme where she coaches kids and attends Ladies Night every monday night!! where there is a good scene. She also created the facebook page/blog (which will be finished tonight hopefully!) GirlsGOSKATE! which is aimed to get all the ladies rolling in Aberdeen/Scotland! and it seems to be working! When she isn’t skating, she enjoys chilling with her dog Scrat..the skate rat! and when its snowy she loves hitting the hills for a shred!!….and of course she’s always up for a “wee dram”. Shred on!!!

One Big Happy Team!!