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Do you want to become a SkaterGirl International Contributor?!

Why? Even with the existing team of girls all over the world, we’re sure there is still thousands of stories from different countries and looking at different topics that we simply miss. We want to hear about it every single awesome skate-related piece of news – whether its a competition, event, lesson, tour, sponsorship, silly video or just your thoughts on your local skate scene.

How? Do you like to write? Do you often find yourself at a local skatepark or hanging out with skaters? Perhaps you always seem to have a camera glued to your nose? Do you love buying clothes and enjoy commenting on fashion? Do you get your kicks from filming the skate action? Then it sounds like you’d be perfect to join the team. Just send us your story or send us your picture or send us your video – and we’ll do the rest. As you become more regular, we’ll give you your own access to SkaterGirl so that you can post stories on your own – and if you post lots of stories, you’ll become an official SkaterGirl Editor. WOW!!!

The best thing though is that there is no pressure, you can do as much or as little as you want – and it can be about anything to do with skateboarding (heelth, art, music, technology, clothes, products, attitudes, interviews, skateparks, etc) – and we accept submissions in all languages.

Reward? As you know, we’re a non profit setup and all the money we make goes back into the girls skate scene but that’s not to say that we can’t offer benefits to our regular contributors in the form of free product and free tickets, etc. We’ve got lots of clothes, shoes, bags and tickets that we can give-away – and we’re going to be developing a structured reward system to start 2012 which is going to be great. Not to mention getting your name out there in front of over 70,000 girls every month!

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