Skate clothes when out with friends?

All my cloths are meant for skateboarding, and nothing else. It has been very challenging keeping my skater style and still look a million bucks for other occasions, finding what to wear.

It is important to work our way around what we have. We will be more concious of what we need, we won’t waste our money in things we already have, we will polish our own style  and eventually have things to wear when needed.

To make things easier, in case you like what I picked, this items are only from the SkaterGirl sections: the “INDUSTRY POWER” and the “SPONSORED BY” . I have bought and found many things thanks to this links, and i am sure some of you have too.

I was extremely shy to publish my finds but here you go. I decided to plan an outfit around a pair of shoes.

I imagined myself going to the skate park during the day, and out with my friends at night. And how, in 5 minutes, i could pull off  two completely different looks.


I hope you like what I picked, find this appealing,and useful.



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