Little Skatergirl Darcie Treddinick, 4 years old from Cornwall, has submitted this rather wonderful drawing of a skating flamingo into ‘Stella’s Little Project‘, a doodle competition encouraging children to create their own designs, with the top 2 designs being used as inspiration for Stella McCartneys very own Summer Kids Clothes Line.

About Darcie…
“Darcie’s 4 and a bit and a cheeky little skate rat. She loves skateboarding at her local bowl in Penzance, pottering about and “fixing her wheels” with a skate tool! She’s currently obsessed with Flamingos and is often found to be standing on one leg…”

Please take 2 seconds to click the ‘I LOVE IT!’ button on the right (click on the picture for a direct link to the entry) and check in via facebook, only clicking ‘Like’ does not count towards the votes!



Submitted drawings will be judged by popularity vote, and the top 2 will be selected.  The most popular drawing, in both Girls and Boys categories, will win!
These drawings will inspire two very exclusive Stella McCartney Kids Tees.
The Top 100 drawings for each category will also win the new and exclusive Stella McCartney Kids Tee.

If you would like to see a tshirt inspired by this design then please post this link below onto your facebook profile and help us get as many supporters as we can for the coolest little girl in Cornwall!

More info here…

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