Poll: What have you injured?

Update: Poll now closed. Thanks to everyone for their answers.

Update: We’ve had a great response to the first poll but would like a few more before we discuss the results. Therefore this post has gone “sticky” (it will always appear at the top of the first page). If you haven’t already entered (no sign-up needed or anything) then please do and let us know if you’ve been injured and if so what parts of the body!

As promised we have now launched polls on SkaterGirl. This is a great way to find out more about everyone and also to vote on things and do random surveys.

We’re kicking things off today with a poll about injuries. Hopefully you’ve read Danni’s post about knee injuries and the awareness that Becky is building over on facebook – so you’ll know just what kind of an issue it is for girls.

What we want to know is how many of you have had a serious injury – and if so, what part of the body?! We’re NOT looking to count things like bruises, scratches etc – we’re looking at things like broken bones, torn muscles, ligaments or tendons, fractures,  etc.

Let us know and we’ll share the results with you soon. Oh and one lucky person will be chosen as a winner of a Wheelbone. These clever little contraptions fit over your skateboard wheels and therefore keep you in place and allow you to practice safely anywhere!!

You can choose more than one, if you’ve been that unlucky!!

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  1. jennaselby@btinternet.com'

    – broken right humorous (upper arm)
    – torn outside ligaments right foot
    – ruptured ACL left knee
    – ruptured MCL right knee
    – torn cartilage right knee
    – grade 1 artheritis right knee due to cartilage tear
    – fractured rib – after punching myself landing wrong from an attempted wall ride
    – fractured metatarsals
    – fractured metacarples
    – fracture ankle, pins and plates

    …possibly good reason not to skate

  2. geoff@rubiconskateboards.co.uk'
    Rubicon Geoff

    – broke left ankle
    – torn ligaments right knee
    – broken rib
    – broke fracture dislocate left elbow
    – left collar bone
    – each wrist 4 times

    lovin it lovin it lovin it….lovin it like thise.

  3. yourname_777@hotmail.com'
    Heather L Jackson

    The worst I have had so far was when I didn’t quite know what I was doing and tried to drop in for the first time and instead of something small,I wanted to show the guys I wasn’t just a ramp tramp so I attempted to drop in on the biggest half pipe I could find but It was the equivalent of doing a belly flop in a swimming pool,I fell right on my face and of course got a concussion. But after that the guys at the local skate park were a lot nicer and a lot more helpful.

  4. j_fern2000@yahoo.co.uk'
    Rose, age 8-nearly-9yrs!

    I’m lucky I’m still learning to ride my board and haven’t broken any bones, I do wear my pads & helmet! Whenever I do fall I always get up fast because the boys are watching!
    I have worn my wheels down though! :)

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