Premium Content

Let’s be clear right away: SkaterGirl has always been free and always will be. We are hugely passionate about the girls skate scene and take great pride in being able to offer superb daily news reporting on a world scale, totally free of charge.

However, as part of our initiative to raise more money to support the girls skate scene, in 2012 we are thinking of launching a paid for premium section to the website.

For a small amount of money – probably something in the region of £1 or $2 a month – girls will not only have early access to new listing in areas of the website such as Jobs, Offers and Competitions but will also have access to exclusive deals for our premium members, as well as being able to view research and analysis normally reserved for sponsors and advertisers.

This is a big idea and we’d love to hear what you think?

What items would you like to see in a ‘premium’ section?

How much would be willing to pay?

Thanks. We will keep you posted on the idea as it develops.