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The little SkaterGirl family continues to grow and we’re stoked to announce that we have 2 new girls joining the community authors team. I really can’t stress how important all the writers for the site are, but SkaterGirl now has the biggest collection of girl skate news anywhere in the world, covers the widest number of countries and has the most regular posts – an amazing acheivement. Without further ado, let me introduce…

Nicoline is from a city called Odense, but she is currently living in Copenhagen. She is 21 years old and has been skating on and off for the past 6 years. When she was attending high school for 3 years she didn’t have much time to skate, so when she finished high school in 2007 she took off to Barcelona and ended up living there a year. The girl skate scene in Denmark is very small compared to her neighbor country, Sweden. But the scene is getting better though she says. About a year ago she started giving skate lessons to girls in the local skate park, Copenhagen Skatepark and more and more girls attends the skate lessons now, which is really cool.
She is currently working as an intern in a skate shop called Streetmachine, so she is also attending school on and off, where she’s studying to become a ‘shopping assistant’, she believes it’s called. Besides all that she likes to travel as much as possible, film and take photos.

Ayumi is 28 and lives in Japan. She likes to draw picture with a ballpen and watch skate DVDs & YouTube. She’s an office worker on weekdays and a waitress at restaurant only on saturdays. Two jobs allows her to save money – because she wants to travel to the UK to study English and go sk8ing. She would also love to do a skate tour around Europe – because even though she’s always busy, she always makes time to skate. If you happen to see her at your town, please say ‘hallo’:) then let’s go skating and have a beer party!!! yeah!!

Welcome to both these girls.

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