Re(dis)cover with Claire Thompson

Rogue and Animal rider Claire Thompson has just released her ‘Re(dis)cover Edit’. It definitely shows off some of her best riding to date and is even more remarkable given that its her first edit after 6 months out of action from injury. Always impressed by this girls determination and skills – and this will rightly be a big inspiration to other up and coming skaters. Congrats Claire – can’t wait to see more edits this year.

In her own words: “The Re(dis)cover skate edit was created after I fractured and dislocated my elbow, this meant I was out of skateboarding for nearly half a year after undergoing surgery to fix the arm. I wanted to show everyone that no matter how bad an injury, you can always get back up and improve and continue progressing. I also wanted to show everyone that girl skateboarders do go through injuries that are pretty gnarly but also continue to skate. I hope you understand that creating this video took so long due to the weather here in the UK, which I am sure all of you are aware, but there was floods, and so there was no opportunity for me to get footage, also when I announced that I was making a skate edit I was still injured and limited with my skateboarding, so I want to say thank you for all your patience. Lastly, I hope this video really shows you my passion for skateboarding, and I would really appreciate it if you could share this video to show people that pain is temporary, and no matter the injury you can recover and rediscover what you love, skateboarding.”

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