Sam Bruce – Loved by the Locals

Hooked have done a great interview with London local girl Sam Bruce, who talks about her recent video filming, upcoming competitions, Morocca surf trip, fractured elbows and her sponsosrhip with Vans and Gallaz. Brief excerts below, but read the full story here.

What’s the worse bail you’ve ever experienced?
Skateboarding drunk at Notting Hill carnival a few months ago! We were on our way to a house party and we saw this rad drop in next to a set of stairs. I and one other were convinced we could make it…. Half an hour waiting for the ambulance, 3 hours in A&E and hey presto. I walk out with a fractured elbow. No fun!

It can be intimidating turning up at a skate spot and being the only girl, what keeps you pushing forward through the testosterone filled spots?
It used to be quite intimidating for the first part, but as you grow older times change, you become more tolerable and you make great friends along the way. After all these years i’m just starting to establish my ‘skate group’. The people who make me feel part of the family and really push you to skate. You just feed off each others energy.

What trick have you got in your bag that shuts people down in a game of skate?
It used to be an ollie late shuv-it, but nowadays the kids just keep biting back.

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