Silvia Serret Assaulted

Silvia Serret VertFirst up, for those that don’t know who Silvia Serret is, she is an amazing Barcelona skater who was the only female competitor in vert in 2008 and 2009 at the huge Barcelona Extreme Sports event.

Anyway this year, after competiting in the vert comp she had to immediately head off to start the warm-ups for the womens Street comp but was still decked out in the heavy protective gear need for vert: helmets, knee pads, body armour etc. However since there were no changing rooms and since she didn’t want to show her pants to the 35,000 spectators, she asked permission from the event organiser to quickly use an office to change in.

This is where it goes mental…

So Silvia has started to change when she hears some people shouting and

“When I was in bra, panties and shirt, a man appeared who rose from his chair, pushed me and dragged me outside the office. I went back to retrieve my backpack, but then he kicked me in the leg, grabbed my hair and pulled me about six or ten meters. I tried to defend myself by kicking… ” Serret said.

When the security services managed to separate them, Serret said she wanted them to report the assault, but was made to call herself. An ambulance was sent but to make a medical report she would have to go to the hospital – and it took 4 hours to get the correct documentation from the event organisers. It was revealed that she had multiple bruises on her neck, back and legs but when she went to the police station she was told that since there were no cuts or wounds and since the attacker was a foreigner and heading back to Basel (Switzerland) on Monday they couldn’t do anything.

On the Sunday she was down to compete in the finals of the comp but on a number of occasions crossed-paths with her attacker. She and the other female competitors said they would not take part if he was still there and during her final run she did a one minute sit-in protest.

SkaterGirl would just like to say that this is absolutely shocking. The organisers should be ashamed and serious questions need to be raised. The story has already caused an understandable uproar over at Asiplanchaba and we would like to add our voice to the issue.

Please leave your comments and thoughts. Thanks.

Photo: Alba Pardo | Extreme Sports BCN 2008 | Silvia Serret | Tail on Vert

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    that is insane – i remember hearing a bit about it at the end of the Summer. The guy should be prosecuted, plain and simple. On top of that event organisers should give a bit more consideration to changing facilities and the timing of events.


    it doesn’t matter if it’s skateboarding, ballet dancing, or just walking down the street, you don’t go around attacking people for no reason.

    And if you do, be prepared to face the consequences. Jail.


    Im glad you’ve posted this. I was in Barcelona at the event and saw Silvia just after she was kicked out of the room, she was understandably upset. I wondered if the guy had been prosecuted, its shocking that the police and organisers have not done anything about it. She did however get the biggest round of applause during her sit in (even more so than the men’s finals), which shows how respected she is as a skater.

    Franziska Stolz

    Wow!!! I have seen this article just right now. I just have seen back then a Video which showed her Sit in Protest and there was spoken or writen something in Spanish I think, which I didn’t understood. So I didn’t know about what happened to her.
    That’s a shame, that it just happaned and she didn’t get any help from the Police!!!
    I’m ashamed when the Attacker was from Basel/Switzerland, because I’m from Basel too!!! Maybe I know him whitout knowing that he was the Attacker!

    My english isn’t very good. So I didn’t tought when I read the first sentence in this Article,that it would end up this way. I just tought about, cool that there still was a Girl skating the Vert and was wondering, because I wrote the organisers, I wanted to compete in this Contest, but I NEVER JUST GOT AN ANSWER, NOTHING CAME BACK!

    It’s time ago since this happened and I hope Silvia is doing alright now. Hope she still have fun on Vertskating.

    Greets Franzi

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