Skate Fund

SkaterGirl International is super excited to be a part of the Rubicon Skate Fund. This is our chance to give something back to all the skaters that make the scene what it is – fun, vibrant, exciting. In a nutshell any girl can apply for a share of £10,000 between £50 and £250 for anything skateboard related.

– you and your friends want to visit that new skatepark but need some petrol money for Mum? Apply for £50!

– planning on running your own local skate event but need to get some flyers printed? Apply for £100!

– looking to step up and enter your first skate comp abroad but need money for flights? Apply for £150!

– looking to produce a film about your crew of female skaters but need some supplies? Apply for £200!

These are all just ideas – it can be anything – all you have to do in return is provide a record of how the money has been put to good use, through a short write up and hopefully some pictures or video.

Click on the picture below to get started. (UK only at the moment)