Spotlight: Christie Aleixo

Where do you begin?! Christie Aleixo has represented a new breed of womens downhill speed and slide skater for many years now and in 2010 alone she was the Brazilian Champion for Longboard Downhill Slide, the Womens Speed Champion (Argentina) and Vice Champion in South American Speed (Peru). Coming from the hills of Rio, she started skating 15 years ago and has since lived in many different regions of the country, skating and organising events. She has an incredibly strong personality and a dedication to the sport that is amazing. For a sport that is still considered as “just for fun”, she is constantly pushing the technical boundaries and competing at the highest possible levels. It is this relentless pursuit for development that has made Christie one of the top names in downhill skateboarding and she has since dominated almost every competition in the country since 2003, even when there has not been a seperate womens category.

Mês da Mulher Moska Wheels com Christie Aleixo from Moska Wheels on Vimeo.

Her new website (in Portuguese) showcases all her news, results, pictures and videos and she is also a contributor for Bomdrop website. A real pioneer for the sport and an incredible skater, check her out.

Christie – Switch Layback

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