Spotlight: Daniela Inostroza

This weeks spotlight comes courtesy of the GA crew and turns the light on one of Chile’s best up and coming skaters, Daniela Inostroza. Directly below is some lovely footage of her and beneath that is an English translation of an interview done by Deeny. Keep rippin’.

What’s your name, age and what part of Chile are you from?
My name is Daniela Inostroza, I’m 17 and from Chillan – Chile.

How long have you been skating?
Been skating for 4 years.

What’s Chillan like?
Chillan is the place where I grew up, the place where I found skateboarding and made friendships. It was easy getting into skateboarding but it has been difficult to keep it going because there aren’t many places to skate and so the atmosphere and scene doesn’t exist so much. But equally I’ve accomplished a lot despite this and I’m proud to reprsent the south of Chile – hehe.

What’s an ideal session like for you?
Skating on a sunny day with my friends – and having great fun.

Where would like to travel?
I’ve done quite a bit of travelling, but only in Chile. I would love to visit Spain, Brazil and Argentina – and hope to soon.

Have you competed before? How was it?
I’ve done it a few times and felt pretty self concious haha – but I’ve only competed with men which might be why i feel so concious of being the only girl.

What’s a day in your life like?
On a weekend, I wake up, turn on the computer, listen to some music, have some lunch, watch some skate vids and go for a skate, and the just chill before watching some tv or going out to party.

What’s your favourite skate vid and who’s your favourite skater?
I really like the Transworld “Right Foot Forward”. Elissa Steamer is great, as is Leticia Bufoni, but also others like Greg Lutzka.

How do you see the female scene in your country and how can it be improved?
I’m definitely seeing the scene getting larger and becoming more focussed for girls, mmmm, I dont know what we could change but maybe a bit more united and organised.

Any advice for a girl who wants to learn…
Be brave, be determined and motivated in what you do. If you really love it you can achieve loads of things, not just tricks, but also skills and values that help you grow as a person.

Shout outs, etc…
Thanks to my familu and my boyfriend Dario who has supported me and thanks to all my friends near and far, and anyone I’ve had a session with.

You can check out more pics, as well as the original content here.

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