Spotlight: Danni Gallacher

SkaterGirl has written a lot of stories over the years, covering pro riders, up-and-coming talent, new products and even the odd skate event – but today we cover the unsung hero, Danni Gallacher.

Where to begin? Writer? Artist? Skater? Teacher? Promoter? You will all know her as one of the chief authors here on SkaterGirl but she does more than just cover the scene – although for that alone she deserves no small round of applause for helping make SkaterGirl the number one girls skateboarding website.

She provides private weekly lessons at Unit 1 Skatepark in Kent and I have it on excellent authority that she is an amazing teacher.

She is also an amazing artist, who will shortly be involved in probably the biggest ever girls skate project, but for now you check out her website at

Here’s some footage from Christmas and New Year featuring Danni at Unit 1 skatepark:

More Skateboarding >>

This is a trailer for “Sound and Vision” which she is in too…

More Skateboarding >>

And another funny little montage the she was recently in…

Erm Round 5: Strood from pasnip2000 on Vimeo.

And the observant amongst you will see that most of the video’s she’s in have guys in too, which just shows that she can hold her own, wherever she is.

Last year she travelled out to the skate camp in Malmo, Sweden and had an amazing time and this year she is going to co-ordinate the girls event for NASS festival, Europes biggest action sports and music festival.

If the spotlight wasn’t already burning bright enough, she’s also working as we speak on some new footage for Popnow Skate Store who she now riders for. Expect to see that goodness out mid-April.

Danni – we salute you.

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