Spotlight: Wendy Soler

The crew over at Girls Assault caught up with up-and-coming Argentinian skater Wendy Soler. You can check out an English version of their interview below or just soak in the footage. At just 15 years old, she’s one to watch…

Wendy Soler parte 2010 from Girls Assault on Vimeo.

For starters tell us your name, age, and what part of southern Argentina you are from?
My name is Wendy Soler, I’m 15 years old and from Caleta Olivia, Santa Cruz.

How long have you skated for?
About two years.

Whats it like to skate near you? Are there many skateparks or skate spots?
The weather is a bit cold. There are some good spots if you know where to look. Not so many skateparks but theres one on the way. My daily session is after school almost every day and weekends I go out longer, enjoy all day.

Ever competed? Did you like it?
Yes, rarely competitive. At first nervous but then I like racing, is good.

You’ve done quite a bit of traveling, where is the next trip to?
Off to Buenos Aires next.

What places have you visited and where you would like to skate?
So far I know Cordoba, I’ll always skate there. I would like to go to Baires and Brazil.

What’s your favourite video and who’s your favourite skater?
I like the Villa Villa Cola vid – it’s great. And I like the style of Vanessa Torres.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
On my days without skating … I hang with friends – there’s always something to do.

What’s the skating in Argentina like in general?
The scene is really progressing, with more women skating and more and more girls having fun … this is good!

Any advice for a girl who wants to learn …
Have fun and put in your batteries.

Thanks for your time – any shout outs…
Thanks to my family who support me in what i love. Cheers to a couple of friends who are always there for me and I’m seeing a chanter:)

There’s more great pics over at GA, definitely work checking out.

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