Boards, boards, boards and girls, girls girls: Girls on boards from all over the world roamed the streets of Berlin during the Easter Holidays 2011. They all came to either compete at the “Suck my Trucks”, the first All-Girl Skateboard-Contest at the Skatehall Berlin on April 23rd, or just to hang out and enjoy the event.

The girls took the contest to an awesome level:

At the street session they rocked the obstacles with tricks like board-, tail- and noseslides, feeble-, smith- and 5-O- grinds, liptricks, 360-flips, fs and bs.
Emma Lindgren from Sweden scored 1st, Julia Brückler from Austria 2nd and Caroline Dynybil from Germany 3rd.

Sarah Meurle - FS 5'0 by Yvonne Labedzki

Sarah Meurle - FS 5-O © Yvonne Labedzki

The vert-session was a small but very classy round:
Karen Jonz who made 1st place did bs fingerflips, fingerflip to fakie, varial mute and gaytwists. Franziska Stolz from Switzerland landed solid fs and bs airs and a 5-O’s and scored 2nd.
Great respect goes out to the street- and vert-skater Helena Long from London. Her first drop-in at the contest was only the second one in her life, that brought the 3rd place.

Karen Jonz © Yvonne Labedzki

Karen Jonz © Yvonne Labedzki

The best-trick-session at the new obstacle, a huge wooden truck, was a highlight for skaters and audience: Sarah Meurle from Sweden landed her “ollie over everything”, Sabrina Göggel from Germany popped a sick varial tailgrab and Emma Lindgren airwalked the wooden truck.

Emma Lindgren - Airwalk by Yvonne Labedzki

Emma Lindgren - Airwalk © Yvonne Labedzki

Even the unlucky Evelien Bouilliart, who had broken her leg skating the streets of Berlin four days earlier, seemed to have a lot of fun at the contest. Every now and then she would shoulder-groove to the music and swing her crutches like drumsticks, to cheer for and fire up the other contestants.

After celebrating the winners and killing various chocolate Easter Bunnies, the girls checked out the photo-exhibition which had pictures from 1960 to 2011 on display. Great days and nights of skateboarding and international fun ended at the Suck-My-Trucks-Aftershow-Party at the Cassiopeia Club.

Winner Street © Yvonne Labedzki

Winner Street © Yvonne Labedzki

Winner Vert © Yvonne Labedzki

Winner Vert © Yvonne Labedzki

The Görls Skateteam Berlin: “And the winner is? Actually, we are all winners. For one whole week the European Girls Skateboard Scene and Karen Jonez from Brasil, rocked the spots of Berlin. We photographed, filmed, barbecued, slurped popsicles and chilled in the sun.
It was great! Thank you so much for this wonderful weekend. We hope to see you all in 2012.”

For more information check: SUCK MY TRUCKS!

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