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Here at SkaterGirl, we love hearing from our readers – whether its to say something isn’t so good, whether we’re missing something altogether or to say that you love what we’re doing!! (thankfully we get a lot more of these) It’s really important to us though that you let us know, so please never be shy to get in contact or leave a comment somewhere – that way we can improve things and keep developing new and exciting items.

Like everyone, all the authors at SkaterGirl often come across fun and interesting things – but up until now they’ve shared these just on a personal level via things like facebook or email. But it hasn’t gone unnoticed and a lot of our readers have asked if we might start occasionally including a few non-skate related posts on SkaterGirl in which we recommend or showcase cool, interesting or funny items we come across to do with music, films, fashion, technology or anything else – and this post I guess is therefore the first of many… don’t worry though – our passion and commitment to girls skateboarding will not change – this is just an extra little bonus!


All of us use gadgets, whether it’s our ipod whilst we’re skating, our laptop to check SkaterGirl (ha ha) or save some skate pictures or footage or our phones to call our friends to arrange the next session – but up until recently it felt like (as with skateboarding) everything was geared around the guys. Well thankfully times are changing and Vera Bradley have embraced the womens market and now produce tech carry cases such as laptop sleeves in their fancy female-inspired choice of fabrics…

(top left is ipod case, top right is laptop case, bottom let is phone case, bottom right is e-reader case)

Go check out the website – and as our new catchphrase goes: spread the love.

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