The Life And Times of Danni Gallacher

Danni Gallacher, Front Rock @ Copenhagen Bowl

Danni needs no introduction here on SkaterGirl having been an Author since the early days, the organiser of the NASS Girlzilla Skate Comp and having previously helped out on the Rubicon Skate Camps. She’s a regular face on the UK skate scene and always up for fun outside the park too. Here we catch up on her skate adventures, new sponsors and art/design projects – as well as getting to enjoy some previously unseen footage and photos.

So Danni, bring us up to speed… word has it that last Summer you went to Paris, Copenhagen (twice!), Sweden, Cornwall and Barcelona!!? What was your favourite for skating?

It was all amazing! Copenhagen was cool, i went with my friend Steve for a few days and from there we caught the train over the bridge to Malmö to meet my friend Alfred, first we stayed at his University place in Lund for a while where we went to a BBQ / mini ramp competition one night & ended up bumping into Emma Lindgren, Sarah Meurle & a few of the other swedish girls so that was a nice surprise :) We also checked out a secret DIY spot in some forest which was pretty rad. Then we traveled over to Helsingborg to stay with Alfreds parents who make the BEST meatballs in Sweden!

The second trip to Copenhagen was on the Monster Euro trip for CPH Pro so was pretty hectic! We went to the opening of the Faelledparken Skatepark, which i think is now the biggest skate park in Northern Europe where the CPH Pro Bowl contest was held. We also hit up some gnarly DIY bowl that wasn’t finished & didn’t have a platform… I wouldn’t even drop into it for a good 15 minutes but it was really fun.

Cornwall was the funniest week of last year by far, it was for the WeSC Skate Camp in Truro, met some amazing people and the kids were all hilarious. The plaza is so big you can skate there all week & still not do everything you wanted to. Also i’m rubbish if there’s not any transition involved so it’s a nice challenge for me!

The best for skating though was probably Barcelona, me & 7 of my good friends shared this wicked apartment right in the centre, it was ridiculously hot so often it would be evening skates, hitting up all the usual spots & chilling with lots of whisky & brandy. I think me & Chicken were drunk almost every day haha. There’s a little chill edit here you can check out:

Which one produced the most embarassing or crazy stories?

Ummm Paris was definitely the strangest, it was the only trip away with any girls so we just had a laugh & made a little jokey edit which you can watch here:

We had hired an apartment & nearer the end of the trip we got back one night to find we had been locked out, apparently there was a misunderstanding with our booking & they weren’t letting us in & holding all our luggage too. We were stuck outside for well over an hour & after a long day in the heat I just wasn’t in the mood for the nonchalant staff and getting real angry. Cécilia had to stop me from punching the woman on the desk. I did lose my temper quite badly that night.

You also got hooked up with a few new sponsors – Rollaway Skateshop & Wight Trash Skateboards?

Ahh Gee from Rollaway is a legend, i’ve never met anyone who works so much or as hard as him & can still keep spirits up! He might look a little scary with his tattoos but he’s a sweetheart really haha. But yeh, he’s real good to me & sorts me out with whatever I need. We used to have weekly skate/filming missions but work took over life last winter… i’m sure there are more on the cards now the weather is looking up.

Danni Gallacher, Frontside 5-0 @ Fondo, Barcelona

Also Cattle from WT is real cool, he’s always sorting me out with boards and the like, he’s currently putting together the overdue DANG! video which I should have a little part in.

And you’ve been helping recently with Sheffields Story company? What you been doing?

Bits & bobs here and there, whatever needs doing that I can help with, Catalogues, order packing, keeping the cats out of the T-Shirt boxes etc. I just designed 2 new graphics for the Spring line, you can find them over at real soon.

Story Clothing is also now stocked in Simple, SS20, Native, Legacy, Lost Art, Endemic & Subculture skate shops around the country so keep an eye out and pick up a tee, they’re real nice :) We’ve also printed some nice organic cotton tote bags you should check out!

Ok so we’re back to the present day… what you got planned for 2012?

I’m going to make lots of art! I don’t know what i’m going to do with it yet but have got some ideas in the pipelines with a couple of the girls hahah, those involved will know what I mean ;) I am back & forth between here & Sheffield like a yo-yo but as for trips, I went to France last month, am in the midst of plans for Helsinki & maybe Poland. Barcelona has become an annual trip the past 4 years so will no doubt end up there to see Gaby, Merce, the twins & other BCN girls – they are all so friendly.

Also there is the NASS comp sponsored by Rubicon that i’ll be helping to organise & the WeSC skate camp again in Cornwall for a fortnight and from there i’m hoping to do a little road trip around the South West. Nearing the end of the year will be the Ladies Skate Series so that will take me up to Scotland for a long weekend i’m sure. Lots to save up for!

Which female skaters have you been you hanging out with \ skating with recently? Anyone to watch out for in 2012?

Helena Long & Emma Richardson just came up last week to stay with me in Sheffield for a few days, we skated Mansfield Park & the DIY spot there which is hard to skate but really fun – Emma is putting together a little mess around edit over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for that.

As for people to watch out for i would say Caitlin Mawhood & Claire Thompson who both just started riding for Rogue Skateboards. They are both young and have good attitudes towards skating. Claire will be attending the WeSC camp in August so I will make sure to get some footage of her there for you to see how she is progressing.

Danni Gallacher, Portrait @ Barcelona

Last question – if someone gave you 100,000 pounds and you had to spend it on something girls skate related. What would you do?

Eeeep. Hardest question. I’d want to donate it to Skateistan because they are doing some amazing things, not least in creating an equal involvement between girls & boys and paving the way to break down the cultural divide between sexes through skateboarding. Really inspirational. I wanted to work out there but have too many commitments in England at the moment :)

If the money had to be used for something closer to home then I would probably use it to start up a girls specific magazine or something. There is so much going on in England that you don’t hear about & I know I would have loved it if I knew about all the comps, events & get togethers when i was a kid. I always wanted to skate when i was younger but didn’t know that there were even any girls that did it so unfortunately I didn’t start until I was 20! Haha. Its the younger girls that you need to get & keep interested and I think a printed magazine aimed specifically at girls that they could pick up from Smiths for a couple of quid would help for sure.

Or maybe use it to make some decent skate shoes?! Vans are ok but they destroy my feet and most other companies start from a 5, it’s a right mission trying to find size 3 skate shoes! If anyone knows of any, please let me know! :) x

Cheers Danni. Awesome as always.

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    This was definitely one of my favourite articles yet. I’m from Cornwall so to hear that you skated Truro Plaza is rad! Also, it was really nice to hear that Danielle started skating at 20, because I started skating at 19 and i’m still not very good. There are not enough girls to skate with, I mean don’t get me wrong i don’t mind skating with the guys but it’s just not the same!
    Lastly, good places to get small shoes (although, it’s still hard)
    Rollersnakes: I bought my etnies Jamesons size 4 there.
    Ebay! I bought some adidas adi ease, size 3.5 :D
    Amazon: I have seen some janoskis in a size 4 there before, unfortunately they were rather pricey :(

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