The sexualisation of the boardsports industry

We’ve just been reading a very well written and researched article by Cori Schumacher – an international, professional surfer from California. Based upon a recent ‘hyper-sexualised’ photoshoot of a fellow surfer, she discusses how the ‘suggestive’ portrayal of women such as this is also linked with violence towards women. Whilst this in itseflf is deeply concerning – it is also sad to see that it is increasingly filtering into the world of womens boardsports. We have all seen adverts, “fashion” shoots and rider profiles in magazines and online for the skate, surf and snow industry that focus on the look of the athlete, rather than the ability of the athlete. The sad truth is that the sexualisation of boardsports sells more.

Cori goes on to suggest action. “It is absolutely essential that companies, media, and organizations that use images like these or who have sponsored athletes that pose in these ways be avoided…”

We completely agree. Let’s start by keeping the female skate scene true to itself. Let’s always appreciate our skaters for the skills they have and the abilities they have practiced hard to develop – rather than what they look like in a skimpy outfit – or even worse, what a random model can do but posed within the setting of the womens skate scene. Start now.

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