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Only a week ago did we mention how UK ripper Emma “Tinyhands” Richardson is all over the skate radar at the moment but she also has crazy skills in the field of textile design. We catch up with her to talk about it all…

Bring us up to speed…
The work that I currently have in an exhibition is called ‘not the last supper’. It’s a piece that has dictators good and bad around the table, and it shows everyone can be equally good or bad – its just the way you, as the viewer sees it.

Cool. Where is the exhibition taking place? How did they hear about you?
Its at the Midlands Art Centre – a place I always used to visit to look at the art when I was growing up – so it feels good to have some there now. My friends from No Aloha art collective invited me, I made friends with the girls when I wrote and illustrated that zine article about Lucy Adams a few months back. Soon they asked if I had any other work that I could put in.

Have you had your work in an exhibition before?
Yer like the obvious ones growing up for final shows and stuff and then also when I was applying for university I did quite a lot of little ones to bulk out my application abit I think, it was mainly fine art and textile stuff that im involved with, but have been know to shoot a few photos know and again too.

Anything in the pipeline?
For future shows coming up yer there’s one in Manchester that ive been asked to do called ‘The Art of Protest’ which is funded by the EU that highlights the creative, non-violent, yet impact protest art from recent history, so I suppose my work fits right into this narrative.

Does skateboarding influence your work in anyway?
I think it does in the mindset as in approaching stuff differently but probably I wouldn’t draw a skateboarder.

What’s the plans for the future?
Draw everyday!

Can people check out your work online anywhere?
They can indeed. http://tinyhandstextiles.blogspot.com/

All Photos (c) Emma Richardson

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