Types of Skateboarding

Most people start off by skateboarding the road or pavement outside their house – i know alot of people even start off by practicing the ollie in their bedroom – but eventually you’ll want to move on to some bigger venues – so here are they main types of skateboarding:

Street: probably the most common form of skateboarding as it can really take place anywhere and involves skateboarding on streets, pavements (sidewalks), in car parks, shopping centres, you name it! Obstacles can include anything from hand rails to stairs.

Park: with more and more indoor and outdoor skateparks popping up in towns and cities across the world, park skating is also very popular. It’s worth noting that even if you at a skatepark, you may still be referred to as using the street section, vert or bowl sections. Confusing?

Vert: is short for ‘vertical’ and this type of skateboarding takes place usually on huge half pipe ramps that are so big and steep they are actual vertical at the top!

Slalom: skateboarding is when the rider heads down a slope, weaving between obstacles or markers. When it comes to competitions these events are often timed.

Pool or Bowl skateboarding is when you skate a real (empty) swimming pool or purpose-built bowl. Since the tops of pools are oftn vertical, this type of skateboarding often includes elements of vert skateboarding.

Freestyle skating takes place on flat land and is often quite acrobatic and accompanied by music. A very unique style.

Mini ramp skating is often given its own section, even though it usually forms part of an indoor or outdoor skatepark. It is basically a half pipe that is smaller than the rider and which is not tall enough for the transition to become vertical.

Downhill (usually on a longboard, the bigger the better, if you want to live!)

Cruising (this is usually done with longboards. Cruising is riding a skateboarding from place A to place B, or just skateboarding out in the world for the sake of skateboarding, without thinking about tricks or flying down hills)

Have we missed any? Could we explain them better? Let us know.

The great news is that all these types of skateboarding that feature a female element are reported here on SkaterGirl International. Just use the ‘search’ box to find them quickly.

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