Wanted: Someone Who Changed Their Life

lucy adams boat thrashionWe’ve been contacted by Claire Oakley, a researcher working for a leading advertising agency to help produce a documentary style film for a leading ice tea brand.

They are looking to feature someone aged 19 – 30 years old living in the US/Mexico/Turkey who has an interesting story and who they can interview and star in their film. They are looking for someone who has been through inspirational or monumental changes, twists and turns to get where they are. The campaign is about the journey, its a story of experience, change and constant enrichment.

The main thing is the story – so they need the candidates to have two major changes in their life. An example they gave is this woman who was on track to be a top ballerina. She had all the schooling but then she broke her leg. She then joined law school and after graduation she had a job lined up in a law firm . However after she graduated she went travelling and met some people out in Mexico who were really into diving (similar to ballet in a way) and now she has moved there and is a free diver, living and breathing and loving it.

The thrust of the campaign is that experience is wonderful, in whatever form (good or bad), because it pushes one into diverse and surprising and interesting decisions that change one’s life.

Does that sound like you or someone you know? Then drop Claire an email… cnoakley@gmail.com

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