We Hates Mondays (but not when Grace skates)

It’s the 15th outing for the Asiplanchaba, We Hate Mondays series and this month they’ve got Grace.

This girl has travelled like a beast – here’s what she had to say:

“From south korea, but was adopted when i was 3 months old to a awesome fam. grew up in oregon my whole life and then moved over to europe when i was 19, almost 20. i went to barce bc i was planing on traveling around europe for a month. my frist stop was in barcelona, one of my friends was living there at the time. and then on the day that i was leaving to the the train, i was sitting at macba when all my shit got stolen. tickets, clothes, money, everything, except my passport (luuucky) . so i decided to just chill the month i was sposta be travling europe in barcelona. best thing that ever happend. after that month, i decided that i wanted to live there permiently, went back to the states for two months to get things ready for the move, then came back over to barcelona. now its about six years ago that i have been living in europe. stooooked!!! i moved back to barcelona a little over a year ago bc i was living in copenhagen for two years. met some awesome people in barcelona from there and decided it was the right time for a change and went to live in christiania. thats this freetown in the middle of copenhagen. best shit everrrrr. i lived in the ramp wonderland for about 4 months and then got a place. pretty dope expereience. wouldnt change it for anyyyything. such a special place and people. i just arived in the united states after being away for three years. posted in NY for a few days, visiting some friends. and then going over to the west coasssst (holler), SanDiego to be exact, for a month or so. hang out with the homies chill and skate. and then up to oregon with a couple friends to skate some trannnnnny. then back to barce, and maybe be moving back to denmark for the summer time. wahoo”

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