Welcome to Loco, Stephanie Richer

French shredder Stephanie Richer has just joined the LocoSkates team and they’ve released a great welcome edit and a fun interview too. You can check out the full write up over on their site and there’s an excert below. Massive props to Steph though – really nice girl – and awesome rider.

You came to England and came 2nd at Laced contest, but you won a bunch of contests also this year, which other contests have you placed high in?
I came Rampworx randomly and placed, that was a sick comp! I won Gladiator, Sainte Maxime, Gap and Glasgow for the moment and placed 2nd last weekend in Marseille for the Probowl.

Have you travelled to England much before? How did you like Liverpool?
I never been to England before Laced, and i really enjoyed the trip, fish and chips is sick and Rampworx is amazing. I’ll definitely come back there!

What one thing would you like to achieve from Rollerblading? One thing please…
I’m not doing that for anything else than the passion. I love skating and would be sick to be around it all my life.

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