Win A WarglBlarg Glow T Shirt

warglblarg smallWant to win an awesome Drunk Jellyfish T-Shirt from German designer Karen Wildling? Well, we’ve got 2 of these beauties (pictured right) to give away! Printed with fluorescent paint (so they actually glow in the dark too), the tees are made from 100% eco cotton. All you have to do is tell us: If Karen was stuck on a desert island – what one thing would she like to have with her?

Just whack your answers in the comments below or on facebook and we’ll choose two correct ones or funniest ones to win the t-shirts

Now check out the great interview we had with this talented girl:

warglblarg skirtIs your brand called WarglBlarg? What does that mean? Where did the name come from?
Yep, its called WarglBlarg! Its a comic speech expression. Like when your mouth is full of water and you say something, its WARGLBLARG!! … My friend came up with it when i was thinking about a name for the Label. It somehow expresses everything about this whole thing in a weird word. It tells about the direction our clothes are going. They’re supposed to be fun and you should feel comfy, yet cool wearing them. So I wasnt even thinking another second if it was the right name …

warglblarg  vestHow did you get into fashion and design? What are your inspirations?
I guess most girls like drawing clothes when theyre in a certain age. So was I. But it took a long journey to even think about really making clothes. You need to lose a lot of fear and doubt and get a great deal of “whatever, I’ll try”, if you want to move in this business. Getting comfortable with a sewing machine helps as well.
Inspiration can be anything. I like people who have a dream, a certain attitude and a whole lot of fun getting where they want to be. Strong people who enjoy life even if its not perfect.
I live in Berlin and fashion is a big thing here. So I like walking through the streets, over the flea markets and just observe who wears what and who wants to be what. If they just take a piece of clothes to belong to people or if they are those people. There is a lot of stuff going on in my head when im in absorbing-mode.
But in the end it is just taking pieces of things i have seen and felt in my lifetime and put them together at the right place and time, i guess.

What’s your favourite action \ extreme sport?
Im too tall for that, but jumping over little sand hills with a motorcycle would be my favourite action sport. So in RL I do Powerlifting. Which is sort of extreme as well, i guess. Its just really nice feeling strong. Plus it makes a nice ass.

What are your plans for 2014? More designs? Travelling?
2014….well, me and my friend, who btw drew the WarglBlarg! logo are on some new designs which are supposed to be done in the next few weeks. Its the 2014 summer-line. Its gonna be Street/beachy as usual. …
Travelling wise id like to see Vienna and Prague this year. Not too far from Berlin, so some sort of road trip it might even happen.

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