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My name is Lotta and I am one of the authors from the original SkaterGirl website. I'm a big fan of snowboarding, sushi and sangria!

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  1. annas@skatergirl.co.uk'
    Anna S

    i like the idea of using mythical or fantasy creatures for a series of decks… so part of a kraken tenticle, a yeti arm, a unicorn head, a cyclops head, medusa, etc… the picture would take up the full deck but then have the name of the rider company on there too, not too big… probably in a normal gothic script

  2. lilschulte1919@aim.com'

    mine design would have the inspirational quote “the only way of finding your limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the imposible” that would in the middle of the board and then the whole board itself would be neon purple and the letters of the quote would be white and then there would be stars all around the board in different places. it would be really cool

  3. colymoly@hotmail.com'

    it would have a whole bunch of writing on it like:
    “ollie here to here”
    “boardslides ”
    “50-50 from this point….to here”
    that would be totally rad in my opinion but i’m not sure all the trick labels would fit!:)

  4. evederegaucourt@hotmail.com'
    Eve Izaak

    My deck would be made from bamboo- as it’s a sustainable material, and have graphics with antarctic melting and raindrops with polar bears in, running into the sea where other endangered arctic animals would be, it would be promoting global warming.

  5. iteachict@hotmail.co.uk'
    Angie Budd

    Mine would have a montage of old comediands and film stars, such as Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Tony Hancock,Kenneth Williams and Peter Cook! Why not!

  6. potato@clearwire.net'

    my deck would have such good pop that the slightest ollie would send you 5 extra ft in the air and the graphics would have instructions of how to do tricks but it wouldnt stay there for long!

  7. montecinos.daniella@gmail.com'

    Mine would be really green with a black and white bulldog. The idea is that the deck is green and the painting should seem as if drawn with charcole on paper, cut out and glued to the deck. Bulldogs are awesome! *_*

  8. rhea.1997@hotmail.co.uk'
    rhea goddard

    obviously if i had my own deck it would have rubicon on it cos im sponsered by you. rubicon would be written on the tail of the board in illuminus pink in fancy writting. the backround of the board would be black. in the middle i would have a love heart in graffiti style you know spray painted. the love heart would be illuminous pink to and then i would have my name written on the nose of of the board in iluminuss pink too :)

  9. eilix666@rocketmail.com'

    i guess i just meet up with my best friend (whos an amazing artist)and just draw loads of drawings that represent me! so the board would be really unique and special! also the colour purple must be used!
    and if all that fails a guess id just put a big dragon on it coz they’re cool!

  10. Banana1head@aol.com'

    Mine would have the superhero Deadpool (google him if ya don’t know) with the words “Doornobs don’t kill people, I kill people”.
    Then I could say I was riding Wade Wilson (sorry had to say it)

  11. pavs@ntlworld.com'
    the next Tony Hawk

    it would have in graffi SKATE 4 LIFE with a real skull picture behind it!!!! oh and some red food die dripping off(fake blood)!

  12. smellyelly@yahoo.co.uk'
    Ellie Swain

    My deck would be Uber Cool, yet ‘girly’ at the same time!… Bright Pink all over, with a graffiti wall saying ‘ Ellie loooovves ‘Ollie’! and, ‘Girls luv to Grab ‘n’ Grind ! LOL ! would look mega wouldn’t it?

  13. yassie90@hotmail.com'
    Yasmin Green

    I think i’d have have it a plain colour then i’d get everyone to sign it, draw on it and put stickers n stuff all over it :)

  14. yourname_777@hotmail.com'
    Heather L Jackson

    Well the most important thing would be durability because at the end of the day the design is just gonna get ruffed up.But if I could have anything on my deck,I guess it would be a deep dark purple with a creepy drawing of my all black cat. I have a lot of pictures that would transfer well into art. It would show that dark purple was my favorite color and that I love taking my cat with me while I shred.

  15. michaels686@hotmail.com'
    Michael Steele

    I would first of all have a base coat of pink fluffy atmosphere, like a fountain only with a tinge of pink over everything , then on top of that I’d have a anime girl with like a rose that looks like it is just blossomed. Then on the top of the deck ( where you stand ) LOL I would have a skeleton holding a black rose that’s dying and the background would be night only with a purple type wash and bits of magenta thrown in the mix, like small speckles.

    It is a lot clearer in my head

  16. j_fern2000@yahoo.co.uk'
    Rose, age 8-nearly-9yrs!

    My board would have graffiti designs like skulls, skateboards and a cartoon of me and my westie dog! It would have a vintage-look and be covered in retro stickers!

  17. sheilagoesshopping@hotmail.com'
    Rose Bromley

    My board would be awesome – it would have all the elements – waves-earth-fire and movement with a stenciled post it saying ‘if found please return to’ . It would be madly embellished very animated chunky lines and be brilliant.

    xx skating is therapy Rose in Cornwall

  18. marieclairegribbon@yahoo.com'

    It would be a big, purple deck saying ‘MEH!’ on it in big, neon green letters. Idk why, but meh is just…..my word. If i had that deck, I would be THE happiest child alive. Literally.

  19. caffeine_bean13@yahoo.com'

    My deck graphic look like the space. Just infinite stars. The stars would also glow in the dark. There could be planets too I don’t care. The grip tape would feature a stencil of an alien’s face [head] spray painted in neon green.

  20. laurenwilliams_@hotmail.com'

    I think like a cork pin up board background with old school polaroid pictures of places around the world, festivals, parties, surf etc… with the pinned up effect all over the board.
    People could even customise the photos by Rubicon having the basic layout of the cork board with polaroid pictures pinned up and the people send in particular pictures they would like in the polaroids.

    woo hoo

  21. girlskaterwoop@hotmail.com'
    Lucy Kisielewska

    Well mine would have a pin up girl on it riding a skateboard with flowers and tribal around it and a no skateboarding broken sign in the corner XD

  22. lilz_yo123@hotmail.co.uk'
    Lily Battershill

    If I could have a deck with my own design on it, it would be the following:
    A completely white back ground, with seven random images printed on it in a straight line along the board. (From left to right) 1. The figure of a lady that you would see on a ladies toilet for example, but standing on a skateboard. She would be completely in blue. 2.The peace/hippy sign in red. Fairly thick lines. 3. A telephone box (red and black) 4. The image of a fying dove (a dove is white, so it would have a shadow around it to bring it out against the white background) 5. A plain smiley face, done with a black spray can 6. My name in scrabble style letters along the width of the board. :)

  23. lheston@live.com'

    Mine would look like this, oh wait.. it already does.


    Sharpie and some Krylon Clear Coat.

    Took me a few days but, it was worth it I think. :)

  24. Pingback: Background black rose white

  25. bubblybear2@hotmail.com'
    Peta Billingsley

    My Deck would have a awesome beach scene with palm tress and a skeleton of a man walking across the beach holding his long board wearing ray bans and vans

  26. Emma.pinkowicz@hotmail.com'
    Emma Pinkowicz

    Mine would have colourful cartoon tribal totem pole which cover the deck, one that looked like Aku Aku of crash bandicoot (The colourful mask)

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