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All you have to do to win this amazing item is tell us:

What do you most love about Christmas?

As always, just bung your answer (no matter how silly, serious, mushy or weird) in the comment section either on the site here or on facebook or twitter and we’ll choose one lucky person to become the most fashionably dressed diva this holiday!!

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    A tradition my fella and I have of standing near the ocean at 11.59pm Christmas Eve, playing Green Days Basket Case as loud as we dare and dancing in the sand!! It may not seem very Christmassy to you but it’s very special to me :)

    Laura Sterling

    Playing the yearly joke on my uncle and his family. Last year it was … a bag of spouts, the year before we send them lots of empty boxes with a lolipop in the smallest one, when they finally got to it. Just have to decide what to do this year …erm

    Katy May Goodson

    The best thing about Christmas, and any other day out of the year, is the divine and selfless act of the giving. Giving what you have, especially when you do not have much, can inspire other people to do the same. When everyone is giving all that they can to each other and the world their actions flourish like trees sharing roots–making it easier to breathe and find shade while skating on a hot summer day.

    The most beautiful thing about giving is that it can be gauged by things other than material objects. Giving your time, your space, your attention and your heart to others is timeless in the paradigm of memory.

    wendy jamieson-price

    being very silly – dressing up as a christmas elf and sampling some magical christmas real ales – cant wait played all my christmas albums yesterday whilst making my chrimbo cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jaimie Stevenson-Cox

    My favourite bit is seeing the look on my sons face when we check his stocking to see if ‘he’ has been! I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to ‘get’ the excitement of christmas too!


    An esky full of cold beer about 10am on the beach back in Oz….. but amped for my first white christmas in the northern hemisphere!!! no need for an eski!


    Getting my now 2 year old to choose his own tree decoration – something I’ll be doing every year so that he has his own set of decorations by the time he leaves home and has his own Christmas tree. I write the year on each decoration.

    Alice Beaumont

    The whole christmas experience, the excitement on christmas eve and the happiness of being with all my family watching crap TV with my dad sleeping in the corner (happens every xmas)


    What I love the most about Christmas is the sense of unity in my family, it is like we bond even closer on this magical day. I also love we get to eat so much without feeling guilty :D

    Ines Da Silva

    I love sitting in Starbucks, sipping on a hot chocolate when it’s snowing outside. Just the most awesome thing. Oh and waking up to see the roads covered in a blanket of snow. And of course, the christmas sales and presents.


    getting to go back home and spend time with my family, winter walks and spending the few weeks (ok…months) before buying and wrapping present and making cards. Oh and most importantly the fact that even tho im 25, my dad insists on putting a stocking on the end of my bed and going ‘Ho Ho Ho’…hilarious!

    susan barnes

    I never grew up I am just as excited at 60 as I was when I was 6 but hay what’s a zero between friends my 2 kids and grand kids think mom and nanny is mad LOL

    Lindsey Johnston

    I love the two weeks before christmas, getting the tree and generally rushing round thats my favourite bit. I also adore the look on my two little boys face on christmas morning wondering if santa has been.
    Excited already. Yay!!

    Christine Northrop

    My favourite part of Christmas is watching my grankids opening their presents and the exitement and joy they have still rubs off on thise around them.

    Rach Lines

    It has to be the presents, love it when the little ones run over saying “Look what I got!!!” especially that akward present that took 2 of you to carry and rewrap because you ripped it when moving it. – To which you reply “WOW!! Amazing!” lol

    karen Roff

    I love Christmas, i love the xcited faces of my children and the joy when they open their presents is totally priceless. I dont even mind the very early start on Christmas morning, it is my favourite day of the year and i wouldnt swap it for anything.


    My favourite part of Christmas is about 6pm on Christmas Eve when my husband (who is a postman) flops down on the settee after a manic month of letters and parcels and cold weather.


    thinking up the most ingenious ways of cooking the rest of the turkey

    boxing day – turkey curry
    day after – turkey and ham pie
    day after that – dogs dinner
    day after that one – hubbys sandwiches – he wont realise!
    day after that – donate to louis pastuer institute for research into germs

    charlotte partington-smith

    remembering how excited i was at christmas 2007 waiting for my son to arrive , he was born on 30th december, the best xmas present ever!

    Cecelia Allen

    Waking Christmas morning, turning on the tree and playing Christmas songs. Its the same feeling I’ve had since childhood but now with lots of lovely memories of past Christmases with my children and those times spent with family and friends

    Lily Battershill

    Ahh there are so many great things about Christmas: The excitement leading up to it- digging up the tree on a frosty morning, sharing and giving presents, counting down on the advent calender, setting up the tree, lighting the candle of advent, sitting by the fire listening to Christmas songs and carols, and so much more. Then you have Christmas itself- waking up early to a stocking at the end of your bed, sitting round as a family opening presents, the Christmas lunch- turkey, wine and Christmas crackers, but most of all the every year traditional Christmas swim in the sea! Overall the main thing though which I treasure about Christmas is the sense of joy and peace which lingers in the atmosphere during the festive time. :)


    Putting reindeer food made with oats and glitter outside with my little brother…brandy and mince pie for santa…and seeing him rush upstairs before they arrive.. I love it that he still believes!


    Seeing my little boys face when he unwraps what he really wanted… and then seeing my big boys face (the OH) when he sees all the fab food and booze we have for the day!


    Belting out “HE SEES YOU WHEN YOURR SLEEEPPPINGGG!!!!!” to my little sister, and other Christmas songs and having a good reason to do so.

    Zoe Kings

    I like going away with the famalam to practically the middle of nowhere as it’s so calm and peaceful. And obviously the awesome food and presents and intakes of alcohol are lovely

    Anna Garcia

    Is this still open?
    well, whatever, I give it a try…
    well, my dad works at the red cross, so on christmas he’s never home, he’s away to poor cities of my state, which is kinda cool because before christmas I give away most of my last year gifts to poor kids…
    just the fact to know that somewhere out there is having the same gift that I got and give me a lot of fun years before is just charming…

  27. heloks@live.Fr'

    I don’t know if this is still on..

    FOOD and family, but food mostly… You can eat what ever you want and how much you want, it’s christmas.. nobody is gonna tell you that you can’t .
    Otherwise it’s still good to see family and friends, and make my little cousins eat some snow :)


    Watching fresh snow thats dripping off the christmas trees outside while sniffing in the mouth-watering scent of delicious food and listening to my myself singing christmas carols at the top of my lungs, while everyone runs away in pain :)


    For me Christmas is the only time I could be spoiled. So I love getting things and presents! Especially on my birthday that is near Christmas. I also love parting with the family and playing dominoes with old people (of course you need to have the poker face while playing dominoes)
    But over all I just like being off school and having time to relax to myself(psh who doesn’t)


    Every Cristmas i’m going surfing to diferent spot in Europe.I love surfing and skateboarding so wherever i go i have my boards with me and search for best skate spots and waves. This year i’m going to Fuerteventura (Canary Island). I think it will be the best trip this year:)

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