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It’s week 3 of our Etnies and SkaterGirl Christmas give-away which means it’s time to launch the next competition. We thought it was about time that we ran another one of our amazing community interviews, where YOU get to ask all the questions to a pro rider… but what name would be big enough to handle the challenge this time? How about the 2010 Girls European Champion?
That’s right: Ianire Elorriaga!! (pictured above)

To win this lush Etnies Icon Zip Hoodie (yellow) just let us know:

What question (ANY question) do you want to ask Ianire?

The beauty of this is that we end up with a really unique interview different from anything else ever gone before and it’s all thanks to you. So think outside the box and remember that all the questions will get answered so really we’re all winners!!

If you’ve somehow forgotten the dozen or so competitions that Spanish Etnies rider Ianire has won over the last 5 years then soak up this little vid that she made shortly after being crowned this years European Champion.

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    haha that comment was meant to be because there are 2 vids from roxy in the same day on the site…not part of the competition question. (unless of course you like my question and want to give me the hoody!)

  2. SkaterGirl

    Ha ha – maybe you’re right Stef – could this be the start of some Roxy worldwide domination?!!

    In the past Roxy have focussed much more heavily on the surf and snowboard scenes, so it’s good to see that girls skateboarding is now getting a piece of the pie.

    Thanks for the comments and good spot on the videos!!

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    i would thank ianire for being such an inspiration to manu young girls & ask to further herv career would she consider moving from her home country, spain & live in uk or usa?

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    Do you have any crazy rituals before you go into competitions? For example breathing exercises? Or do you have any superstitions concerning skateboarding? For example never ollie without socks on? :)

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