Young Guns: 11 year old Frida Jellinek

Our young gun for December is 11 year old Frida Jellinek from Brighton, UK. She’s only been skating 10 months but as you can see from her first ever video, she is progressing at an incredible rate with kickflips, nollies, tre flips and grinds under her belt. We caught up for a quick chat…

Do you have a local skatepark you go to? I have two – Hove Lagoon, down by the beach, which has smooth ground which is good for leaning tricks, and Brighton Youth Centre indoor skate park which has good ramps and an awesome kicker. Also it has really friendly helpers and a girls’ session once a week.

How did you get into skateboarding? I had a really good friend and he loves to skate and he got me into it. I only got into skateboarding in January 2011.

Are there any skaters that you look up to – or who’s style and skill you admire? I like Julie Kinstrand because she’s got really good style and she’s good at riding bowls, and Lucy Adams because she’s from round here and she’s good. And I like Rodney Mullen’s style because he does some sick manuals and he has his own style, it’s unique.

What’s the best trick you’ve learnt? (pretty sure I saw a 180 kick flip in the video?) It was a 180 kick-flip but recently I’ve learned a fakie backside flip which is my best trick now. I’m good in switch and now I can do switch 180s and pop shoves.

What do you hope to do in terms of skating in 2012? I hope to have achieved more and learned lots of new tricks. And I would love to skate with a pro skatergirl! I’ve only been skating for a year but I’ve learned a lot
and I want to keep on at this pace.

One to watch? Definitely!

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